Thursday, December 23, 2004

Q: am i not special ?

had my first beer last night. a 'hobgoblin' -- i picked it from the menu because i've never heard of it & plus it wouldn't seem right to have something as mundane as a budwieser/blue/coors light or whatever else they're selling to the masses on tv... set me back a good 8 dollars... serves me right for getting a fancy import the first time i start drinking properly (i've had cheap wine & stuff before, & there was the time i tried to gulp champagne & ended up spitting/spraying it back out, mostly on me. i was maybe 9 or 10 at the time)
the one disappointment was not being able to taste the "fruity character" & "chocolate toffee malt" the lable proclaimed... guess i need more experience
i took the bottle home 'cause it was so pretty (cool label, interesting shape, & there's a border of li'l witches on broomsticks all around the top). the bartender said it'd look good with a blue candle.
not drunk


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