Tuesday, December 14, 2004

riding on the subway

...which also happens to be the name of one of the tracks on jesse malin's the fine art of self destruction -- the recurring soundtrack to my life at least for now

some brain-crumbs for y'all:

+ started wearing earphones (those big, chunky 'dj' ones) outside because they double as earmuffs. so what if i don't hear so good with them on? i'd take the risk of getting run over by a car if it means i don't have to hear another bunch of mall-dwelling teenaged girls talk with their "like"s & "whatever"s too early in the morning

+released all my reject cds, i mostly left them on bus/streetcar seats on my way to & from school. i also did sneak some into a couple of 'hmv's (because they're my least favourite of all the record chain stores. not that i like any of them) & the 'holt renfew' even though being in there made me feel like a bug or a wine stain on a white dress...

+i'm getting better at walking between ttc-train compartments: i hardly stumble now. (i started one night when there were hardly any people on the train & got to thinking "why the hell not? the signs say not to do it but they don't say anything about the consequences -- so there mustn't be any!) it's getting a bit addictive, seeing people's reactions & they range from outraged ('how dare she do that!') to delighted ('i've always wanted to do that!') to those peculiar how-nice-a-typical-act-of-teenaged-rebellion looks of indifference from some of the more faded, jaded members of humankind

+the average hours of sleep per day i'm getting is at a new low of 2 1/2 hours per morning because i can't go to bed until i literally can't stand up straight -- i keep feeling like i'm missing something important if i go to bed (by the way, i don't drink anything stronger than tea most of the time)

the misplaced queen of the jungle


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