Monday, May 30, 2005

culling the herd

gonna be sneaking some more of my cds into 'hmv's. i've recently been going through all my stuff & mentally cataloguing what i can & can't take to halifax with me; it's very distracting, every time i pick up something or look at something, i think"do i really need it?" -- especially with the move not being for some months yet. this must be what getting married feels like. i can basically bring what i can carry on my own. ie: most of my clothes, some art supplies & books, & whatever else strikes me as important when it comes time to pack. i'll be taking the jewel cases of all my cds apart, packing the lyric-booklets flat & sticking the cds into those cd-carrying thingies & buying new cases for them when i get there 'cause that saves space. i suppose i should be glad i don't have any records. but now that i think about it, it's kind of sad that i don't have any; at least i haven't succumbed to the ipod trend yet.things that you can pick up & hold are way better. i read somewhere that one of the signs that someone's thinking about suicide is if they suddenly start giving their stuff away.


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