Thursday, May 12, 2005

i swear to god

hey, "God", this one's for you, baby:
shit, fuck, piss, spit, cunt, cock, pussy, cum, semen, penis, asshole, teabagging, beastiality, incest, rape, titties, funbags, scrotum, arse, s&m, anal, oral,doggie-style & plain ol' missionary, man sausage, shrinky dink, nut sack, ass crack, golden- & brown showers, old people & animals, blow up dolls, wanking, cock rings, clit piercings, boobies, nipple clamps, daisy chains, contraceptives, abortion, sticky-bloody dead fetuses, fisting, fellatio, cunnilingus, whipping, man tunnel, dildo, vibrator, labia, creamsicle, man sausage, faeces, shite, politicians, genocide (no, like that shit ...bastard)

in case You're not as omniscient as Your propagandists make You out to be, this is for an opinion piece in yesterday's paper. some guy wrote a letter complaining about a cartoon ridiculing texas' demands for more modest & less sexy highschool cheerleaders -- the guy couldn't even bring himself to write the word 'sex'! what the bloody buttfucking hell is "s*x", huh? has it ocurred to You that if Your 'flock' is afraid of shagging their little brains out like the dumb animals they are, then there won't be any new bible-humpers to replace this current batch? 'cause You as sure as hell aren't going to make a convert out of me.

one more thing, while You're listening. what's wrong with sexy cheerleaders? isn't that their whole point? are You suggesting that someone like me -- beat up boots, chains, bad haircut & boobs smaller than a fat man's -- could become a cheerleader?gee whiz! i've always wanted to ... & now "God" Himself says i can!!! wooo!!!

lone star joan of arc,


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