Monday, May 02, 2005

not dead, just not sleeping well

i haven't touched a computer keyboard in a while, so sorry -- presumably there's someone out there who reads this crap i'm writing: make yourself known...pleease -- there's just been a lot of stuff going on, most not involving cyberspace:

-i finally bought a guitar, a squier telecaster because to me the definitive rock guitar is the strat & i don't like meeting expectations. i don't have music in my soul & i'm pretty sure i'm tone deaf, so i'm memorizing chords & working towards simple mechanical competence rather than any rockstar dreams. hell, i can't even complete the sentence "i want to play guitar like...". well, maybe albert king. that'd be nice.
-my portfolio to nova scotia's college of art & design has been mailed in (the deadline is may 15th, so i'm cutting it pretty close) one of the paintings i submitted involved a monologue on the stupidity of love typeset entirely with alphabet pasta & glass beads, it was also spraypainted a shiny red which is also all over my bedroom floor.
-some firsts: i had my first tastes of tequila & whiskey -- tequila's good but i've decided that i don't like whiskey:stuff should only taste burning-sour when it's coming back up.
-my first taxi ride was courtesy of this nice, kinda drunk woman named elizabeth. she gave me a twenty & called me a cab to make sure i "got home ok." we had only met in the bus station waiting for a bus that wasn't coming (it was some time past 2am) & started talking until some bus driver getting off work told us there'd be no more buses & that the last one left over an hour ago... anyway, that stuck in my head because the only reason i was out that late that night was because i was getting away from another family fight & had spent much of it scrunched up on a monument downtown ("to our glorious dead") watching the cars & couples go by & writing bitter things on scraps of paper with a marker from a 7/11 -- i left the house so fast i'd forgotten to bring my pen & notebook, not to mention food & water.
-i don't know how it is for other people, but my days, if they start out bad, they almost always end good. & vice versa. completely bad days are pretty rare but completely good days are even more infrequent.
-i've also started listening to bruce springsteen for some reason, probably out of the sheer perversity of doing the unexpected as a matter of principle; i don't care much for the religious allusions & whatever, but he's actually really good. i haven't bought his latest cd yet.
-one more thing: a couple of weeks back i partially shaved my head -- just the back & part of the sides -- on a whim. it's grown back a bit but i'm thinking of keeping it stubbly & will most likely shave it again once it stops raining & gets warmer again. i also dyed the longer bits of hair in front purple-and-blue-striped this weekend

and the fat lady sings...


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