Sunday, May 15, 2005

purple teletubby blues

giving up early on finding more information on parasocial relationships -- the final-project topic i'm doing for "families in a diverse society", my night school course (it was either this or math & i hadn't failed this before...) -- curse this need for nonconformity! why couldn't i be happy rehashing one of my old assignments & handing that in ? after all, that's what i did for english (a night school repeat for failing 'enriched' eng.: i got bored) last year. i fixed up an old piece from history class on the marquis desade & passed it off as my english paper... i suppose it has to do with respect; i'll only lie to you if i don't like you. both an 8-page essay & a 10-minute presentation (with accompanying 2-pg handout) are due on monday. i'm pretty screwed.

starting on tuesday & for a whole bunch of days after that for the next two weeks i'm gonna be volunteering for 'inside out', a queer film festival; my mom knows i'll be volunteering for a film fest & my dad doesn't know anything [in more than 1 way]. he's more than a little bit homophobic, sexist, and racist: he'd join the kkk if he was white. yep, not all theories of racial supremacy come from puny angry white guys with dumb facial hair!
i'll also most likely sign up to volunteer for this year's pride parade. 19 years living here & i've never even gone to it; if all goes according to plan, i'll be attending art school in halifax by september & i'm fairly sure they don't have anything like it so this is my last chance, really

what do you say my odds are for surviving one week alone on the streets of nyc? on one hand, i'm pretty poor & scruffy looking (i don't plan on bringing along more than some clothes & my notebook) & i know how to steal food; on the other hand, i'm barely 5 foot 3 & i'm female. i plan on doing this sometime in august, when i'll be finished with summer school, as a present for myself for finishing highschool -- it will have taken six years -- i started in '99. the problem is that i only have enough cash for the bus fare there & back with a bit left over for souvieniers & whatnot. i guess i could always sign up as a human guinea pig for some pharmaceutical company or other; they always need people & they pay well. i don't care if i give birth to two-headed babies, i need an Adventure. like some sort of aboriginal rite-of-passage-vision-quest-find-yourself kind of thing. nyc is one of those semi-mythical places that exists in the mind of anybody who reads, listens to music, or watches movies. paris, london, new york, tokyo,... it's just the closest one.

...does bush look like a retarded elf or is it just me?


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