Friday, May 27, 2005

slo-mo kettle

i've taken to carrying around a big, black, lace-trimmed umbrella to keep from getting sunburned, it's fairly annoying but (unlike some people) i can't walk around in head-to-toe black year round. on the plus side,i can use it to hook stuff down from the tops of shelves & the like -- i just have to catch them before they drop on my head. i've also shaved my head completely except for the front where it's asymetrical & partly dyed bluish-green. lots of women stare at my head like they don't know why any self-respecting woman would 'do that to themselves'...hey, if hair is a woman's crowning glory & you exemplify the ideal woman with your mass- produced paradigms, i'm abdicating the throne & throwing my lot in with the guys

...all the things i have are broken but duct tape works miracles


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