Thursday, June 30, 2005

taking this drunkeness thing perhaps too far

all my blog-entries lately have been alcohol-fueled. this one's no exception: my mom bribed me with some cheap merlot to explain/translate the latest lease for the latest place my parents want for opening another chinese food restaurant -- they were kicked out of the last place when the lease expired -- i've been doing this kind of thing (translating legal documents, not trading booze for services rendered. that's new) for years & consequently i'm more fluent in legalese than any juvenile delinquent should be. that's what i've been doing since midnight. fun, eh? therapy wasn't all that interesting: no Revelations or Discoveries were made although it got kinda surreal when the guy asked if the television "spoke to me". instead, we had a polysyllabic conversation on society & how i willingly court social ostracism by not fitting in properly; my next appointment's july eleventh. people say 4am is the loneliest time of the night, i see no difference between it & any other hour.

happy hour is in the mind,


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