Thursday, June 16, 2005

a tearful entreaty:

i spent much of today from my previous post 'til now standing on endless buses & subway trains & going all over the city getting forms & getting people to sign those forms & paying people to validate those forms...all so that i can get my passport. not getting any sleep tends to make me hyper-alert (considering i had nothing to drink but tea since sunset) tempoarily & while i can still go for maybe another half-day before i crash, what made me sick was the astonishing amount of middle aged guys with bono-hair & women that should i put it delicately? diseased mutton dressed as lamb? yeah, that's it. & how come so many "professional" men wear dockers? just because you sit in a cubicle all day for so long that your ass is flat doesn't mean you have to flaunt it! i had a math teacher who wore dockers & while i wouldn't say he's attractive even objectively speaking (he has more brain than chin but he couldn't even draw a proper graph), it wouldn't have hurt him to have worn something else. something that doesn't draw attention to his deflated-basketball ass.
promise me, dear reader, that you'll age gracefully, accept your wrinkled tits &/or pizzle [love that word!] for something that is fundamentally unchangeable; while you/we're at it, do make a point of talking about, thinking about things that you haven't lifted verbatim from the television -- i know it's hard & that in doing so you'll risk social ostracism & insanity (i mean, look at me...) but it's kind of worth it if you don't mind the endless lonely nights of introspection, wondering why & how the hell has humankind survived for so long with so little in the way of brains (& fashion sense too, i might add).

emasculating your volvos,


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