Monday, June 06, 2005

things things the musical fruit

-ever notice how no-one ever talks about beans in the singular? it's like some collectivity of legumes. a hive-mind kind of thing... there is no one Bean but Beans, yeah.
-i have another window open, checking my email, & there's all those ads for viagra & penis-elongators or whatever they're really they send these out indiscriminately to everybody or what? i'm dickless!!! ok, that sounds wrong somehow
-there are brains in the fridge. it's pig brains but still -- i open the fridge door & there's this pinkish meatwad just sittin' there
-real pirates drink rum: i had some & tequila's still better...
-my skin's gone kind of all blistery from the sun. if i sit still for long enough i can feel/ think i can feel my cells fizzling out like lightbulbs. little, itty bitty ones.
-manhattan looks really like a droopy penis on the map... brooklyn, queens, &c makes the 'scrotum' part look like it has elephantitis
-poll: what colour is better for a tattoo if it's gonna be in just 1 colour, black or tattoo-blue?
-as you may or may not have guessed, i'm not all there at the moment: i didn't sleep last night & won't be going to bed until past midnight tonight. all i'm running on is several mugs of cold earl grey.

part of an incomplete breakfast,


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