Wednesday, June 22, 2005

you may have eaten bugs

if the ingredients list for something has "cochineal" or "carmine" in it, then you've eaten ground up female cochineal beetles...i've been using this little bit of trivia to gross people out for years but i'm sharing this here 'cause i'm trying to make a point of doing an entry every time i go online (that's why there's been more [crappy] posts lately) & my brain is relatively numbed/empty on account of having finished half my bottle of chartreuse. if you think you might be allergic to powdered bug, read this to get another reason to be pissed off at the government. cochineal is used as a colourant in the clove lozenges i eat but i like 'em fine: knowingly eating bugs is always better than looking at the designation "natural &/or artificial colours" & just wondering.


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