Friday, July 22, 2005


"even, just utter Woman, utter Oooooozing femininity. There was
discovered them, but they flit and bob so, that I cannot line
stomach. Whilst we did closely observe this organ, we did feed"
-- this copied directly from a piece of spam i got, apparently for a russian 'personals' site. strange how poetry seems completely inadvertant.

is laughing at the word "pooper" too weird?

presuming i keep posting entries to this blog well into senility, it would be kinda interesting to be able to go back & read all this stuff that i'm writing now -- d'you think that somewhere out there there are blogs that've been written to ever since the Dawn of the Age of Blogging?

so london got bombed again... guess i could wear my 'london pride' beer-bottle cap button tomorrow along with my 'arson' t-shirt...

addendum -- almost 5am, same day:
for something scarier than smegma, check out the official 'page for norad. there's even colouring pages of pictures of fighter planes for the younguns. i looked it up 'cause i'm working on my final essay for summer school (due today), on the nonexistence of a "distinctly" canadian identity


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