Friday, July 29, 2005

i don't wanna be learned

today's the last day of summer school & i suppose i'm happy it's over. i found out my mark yesterday: a 52 -- another blemish on my already acne-scarred academic record. but really, with trying to cram an entire week's worth of material in to every single day, i couldn't learn anything at all. the only thing i've learnt was how to sleep sitting upright which isn't very useful since i'm too paranoid to nap on the all i need to get my highschool diploma is to finish up my chemistry course: something that's gonna be taking up literally all my spare time for the next couple of weeks -- so no more blogging for the next bunch of days. i also got a new cellphone yesterday. it even has a colour screen....ooh, purdy... (yeah i know, cells have long since gone way beyond that, but i don't much like phones in the first place & consequently went for the cheapest non-ugly one there was -- a model that happened to be several years out of date)


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