Monday, July 18, 2005

the iPunks have killed music

i don't think i was even around when people were making mixtapes for each other (i don't own a single cassette tape), but i've been seeing too many people around who try to look like avril lavigne or any one of a number of gel-spiked 'punk' band-guys lately, & it's one of the many, many things that's making existence suck for me right now. so, as much good as this will do, here's a very stream-of-consciousness list of what i think "real" music (or "music" in some cases) is that could probably fit on a single cd if you were so inclined to hunt down all the sources. quite a lot of this is fairly obscure, i know, but where would the challenge/point be if it was all stuff you could just pick up at any mall?

1.dresden dolls -- coin-operated boy
2.rubber city rebels -- i don't wanna be a punk no more
3.bruce springsteen -- the river
4.jesse malin -- downliner
5. d generation -- waiting for the next big parade
6.adam & the ants -- desperate but not serious
7.pogues -- the gentleman soldier
8. mind of a squid -- nug
9. feeding like butterflies -- psycho bloody girl on monday
10. cure -- where the birds always sing
11. robert priest -- vote shit
12. clash -- lost in the supermarket
13. halakah -- boredom.discontent.hate.
14. dead letter dept. -- all my friends love freedom
15. boy george -- if i could fly sue me if most of the songs aren't punk &/or even new. i don't care to think about what that's saying about the current state of music.


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