Monday, July 04, 2005

this can't be good

i didn't sleep last night/this morning either. instead, i spent most of that time with my head in my hands trying to convince myself to pick up my pen & work on my correspondence course (chemistry): if i don't finish the damn thing by the end of the month, i might not have enough time to go to nyc before moving to halifax. needless to say, i wasn't sucessful. that's pretty much what i've been doing ever since mid-june. i don't wanna fuck up this year & do a seventh year of highschool. most people would have given up by now...
to make the situation even more interesting, i start summer school tomorrow -- canadian history -- class starts at 8:30 & it takes almost an hour to get there by bus, which means i ought to plan to wake up at around 6:00 -- the time when i usually go to sleep.
&, as unseasonal as it may be, check out's santa-as-antichrist billboard campaign!


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