Saturday, August 13, 2005


why do all guidebooks on new york city have to focus almost completely on manhattan? at first i didn't mind much but now that i've found someone to stay with through who happens to live in a part of brooklyn that's closer to coney island than anything else, it's starting to worry me that i won't know where the hell i am more than it's 'character-building' to be since i'll be on foot/relying on the subway the whole time.(i suppose i ought to be thankful that i'm not staying out in the nether reaches of queens, eh?)
at least i'm no stranger to playing the part of the blank faced commuter -- although toronto's transit system looks retardedly simple compared to the ny one: we only have 4 lines, with 2 of them being mere vestigal afterthoughts.
i haven't even bought my tickets yet. i'm actually making relatively good progress with my chemistry, however, maybe because the end of summer vacation is coming up & it's finally getting through to my literally-don't-think-about-tomorrow brain that i'm running out of time.
there's a part of brooklyn acronymed "dumbo" (in the tradition of 'soho' & 'tribeca')... dont'cha think it's gone too far?


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