Tuesday, August 09, 2005

'generation gap?' chasm, more like

a couple of days ago my mom took & hid all my beer "for my own good", she says. last night i stole it back & drank all of it in one go so that she'd be unable to re-confiscate it; she found out & just started crying... i still feel like an asshole for that. an unrepentant asshole, though. i mean, i did buy it with my own money & all that, & it's my choice if i want to die of liver failure when i'm 50. besides, she ought to have known after raising me for 19 years that the almost surefire way of getting me to do something was to forbid me from doing it without a reasonable explaination.i don't get it. she talks all the time about how 'when she was my age' she never did all the things i do: she didn't go out after dark; she didn't drink; she didn't talk back; she had a job; she never gave her parents any trouble, & in fact did anything they asked & did it joyfully to boot... all that crap that i won't be telling my kids because i won't ever be having any -- i know that i'm too screwed up mentally to be a good/ halfway decent parent & the world is already overpopulated so i'm not doing anybody a diservice by not pushing out babies.

also, no chemistry got done because the side effect of downing a week's supply of beer last night = losing an entire day's time due to passing out & not waking up until like an hour ago. yay.


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