Tuesday, August 23, 2005

i did something really horrible today...

i can now number myself among those who have paid more than $4 for a glorified cup of coffee at starbucks -- i still can't get the oily whipped-cream taste out of my mouth.

i don't want to leave manhattan but i'm going back to toronto tomorrow. you mark my words, i'll be back.

if you're in the area, go to rainbow records on 130 1st avenue & buy as many things as you can possibly afford: the shop owner was apparently the only music store-guy in all of downtown manhattan who've heard of bellevue & had a copy of their cd.

i haven't done any of the typical tourist-things but i've helped a guy pack up his apartment, eaten takeout for nearly every meal, & fallen asleep on the train.

i like the subway system here.

...a bit run down, but i'm ok.


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