Tuesday, August 16, 2005

i feel like suicide

ok, i don't, not really, it just feels like something crawled down my throat & decided to die there & it wasn't even alcohol-induced but rather came from some herbal tea i was drinking -- but where's the drama in that? as i can't see myself trying to carry miscellaneous baggies of unidentified dried vegetable matter onto any sort of plane without raising undue suspicion, & i'm too cheap to throw them away, i've been trying to drink all of it before the end of august. this of course means that the more disgusting flavours i bought in ill-considered fits of curiosity (marzipan, anyone?) are pretty much what's left by this point in time.

one day, i'll figure out how to combine mimes, fruitcake & bagpipes into an awesome weapon of mass distraction...


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