Wednesday, August 10, 2005

shut up. shut up. shut up.

why can't my sister just shut up? she's been arguing with my mom literally ever since she woke up. she hates my guts & even got me arrested three years ago. the only time i see her smiling is when she's screaming at someone. my mom's got bruises along both her arms 'cause she hits her ( we're our own dysfunctional-family reality show) when she gets too...'excited', shall we say -- not to imply too much that she gets off on it; & the fights are all about stupid, inconsequential things. one of today's topics was how my mom doesn't love her because she won't buy soda & how the reason why there's no soda is because my mom wants her to die of thirst & if anything bad happens to her throat it's all her fault & all that teenaged melodrama that i'm sure she's learned from the soap operas she follows religiously (at the risk of sounding like an old fart, i was never like that when i was her age [15]). truth is, one of the big incentives of me deciding to do university out of province was that i'd be able to get the fuck away from her. i'm worried about my other sister though & how she'll cope with the bitch queen when i'm gone. i've long since given her my radio & the good headphones so she could block out the 24-hour aural torture that is life at home, but she spends so much time in her room & doesn't come out unless she knows no-one'll start in on her (the bitch hates 13-year old metalheads too, apparently). she's even more unheathily pale than i am, but she has friends & something resembling a social life so she'll probably be fine & not grow up to become another me.


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