Wednesday, August 31, 2005

time management skills & the lack thereof

after 2 days without sleeping, i'm finally finished my chemistry lesson-thingies, but due to my last minute-ness, i found out today that i'll have to write the final exam in halifax & mail it back to toronto & then be officially a highschool graduate with a stupid little piece of paper that tells me so .
i'll most likely be leaving toronto on the 4th or something like that &, guess what, i haven't started packing or bought my ticket yet (i think i'd like to go by bus this time). it's not as if i need a lot of things: clothes, music, a couple of books & some art supplies ought to be enough; i have no idea as to what i'm going to do with all the Stuff i've scavenged & accumulated over the years though -- all the bits of metal i pick up off the pavement, my weirdly-shaped-liquor-bottle collection, the can full of fortune cookie fortunes. that sort of thing. things that may or may not be useful one day so you can't throw them away.


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