Friday, September 09, 2005


like a convict doing life who's happy to get an extra half hour in the yard, halifax is starting to look better after my impromptu self-directed bus tour of dartmouth. dartmouth is the town right next to halifax, which you get to by ferry.. the place is one "picturesque" house after another, complete with lobster traps & mailboxes on posts -- no skyscrapers whatsoever. on the entire bus route (50 or so minutes), i only saw 2 cool things: a school bus that was painted over with hotrod designs (flames, Things with veiny eyes, the whole deal) & the sunset over the ocean on the part of the road where the only thing (asides from the bus itself) separating me from the water was just a bunch of rocks. the teeth-achy, this-is-so-fucking-awesome feeling i got then is probably what makes people romanticize pirates & the Sea in general. but i digress, even after staying on that bus until the batteries in my cd player died & i'd gone past the same a&w billboard-on-wheels advertising something called a "teen burger" thrice, i'm not completely reprogrammed yet. there's more emo-type anguish where that came from.


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