Tuesday, September 06, 2005

the good news is, you're not pregnant. the bad news is, you've got cancer.

my computer's finally got it's internet connection & i'm typing this in my room that's full of fruit flies doing some sort of mating dance (or at least that's what i think it is; i tried to smoke them out of my room with incense but that only made them hyper)prior to going out for lunch -- the cafeteria food is utter crap, & because the admin-people are scared that you'll take/steal more than you need, you can neither take your bag into the dining room nor take food outside. i feel weird eating indoors, so maybe i'll end up with a newer, slimmer me by year's end...

the first booze i had over here was a bottle of something called 'desperados', a beer "flavoured with tequila" that was brewed/bottled in france of all places. chartreuse, at $21 a bottle, is 10 bucks cheaper in halifax than it is in toronto.

but as much as i'd like to, i can't live on chartreuse alone, & even though halifax may not be as bad as my initial impression of it, cheap & ample booze doesn't make up for the barely-there transit system (infrequent buses & NO SUBWAY -- can you believe it?) & stuntedness of the architecture (it just feels strange, looking up & actually seeing mostly sky).

the first class of the day was 'introduction to visual culture' & i slept through most of it. the textbooks for the one course has already cost me almost 80 bucks; is a university education really that necessary?

at least the tap water tastes like dirt here, too.


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