Tuesday, September 06, 2005

how am i gonna amuse myself for the next 4 years?

-- my computer isn't up-and-running, so i'm reduced to typing this in a mall at some kiosk.
--i'm currently out searching for a place that sells hangers & other life essentials; all that seems to be around are 'handicrafts' shops, skate shops, & other establishments that seem to cater to the people with the most money to spend: middle aged tourists & university students.
-- i'm having trouble finding a place that sells chartreuse here, too.
--i don't think i can stay sane if forced to live in the countryside/suburbs. just living in a small 'city' like halifax is driving me crazy. at least i get a view of the ocean from my grotty dorm room.
--turns out that the edition of photoshop i spent $700 on is the pc edition & therefore does not run on mac; if anyone wants to trade, pleeese contact me.
--i didn't figure out i was in a different time-zone until this afternoon & consequently was running a whole hour behind the rest of halifax without knowing it.
--classes start tomorrow. woohoo.

-canada's ocean playground & i can't swim.


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