Wednesday, September 07, 2005

i don't wanna be your china doll

another thing about halifax i'm trying to adjust to is the large percentage of 'white' people: the population is a whole lot less diverse here than toronto or nyc -- when i'm the only person from a "visible minority" in an entire classroom, it's hard not to feel freaked out; not that i fit in in the first place but to have an added air of exoticism purely for something you're born with is...i don't know...not right somehow. there's a woman in the same class who looks to be at least a good decade older than the teacher. i'd ask her if she feels peculiar, being so different from the rest of the class, but she said explicitly that she was in it only for the degree (so that she could teach art) & rushed off immediately to wash the charcoal off of her hands the first oppertunity she got with an oh-my-gawd-i've-been-fingerpainting-with-diarrhea kind of expression on her face...


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