Sunday, September 04, 2005

rabbit with a pocketwatch

i'm leaving for halifax very early tomorrow morning -- because plane tickets are cheaper in the more inhuman hours -- i'm about partway packed & am going to be schleping my stuff over there in a used, german army-issue sack that's slightly more than half my height. it's strange to see my life reduced to several armloads of obsessively plastic-bagged-&-taped packages. i'm not bringing my guitar because i can't carry it. a whole lot of stuff will be left behind. chartreuse, when sipped sparingly, can actually help you stay awake. i'm trying to finish all of it before i leave so as to leave no incriminating evidence; the only booze i'm bringing with me is a mostly untouched bottle of elixir vegetal because even though it tastes like antique shops &/or long-dead people, it is 142 proof & i can't just empty it down the drain...this really is too much happening all at once -- i'm still adjusting to bagels here tasting barely-adequate, for fuck's sake! i even have a new computer: a mac laptop that costs a couple hundred dollars more than all my other possessions put together, which is seriously disorienting; i've been a lifelong 'windows' user for one thing & the supposedly 'intuitive' layout of the mac os feels completely Unnatural to me. but i'm always up for new challenges, especially sorta pointless ones ( i got a mac instead of a pc because the university residence i'm gonna be staying at has free internet -- but you can use it only if you download the school-sanctioned antivirus program: windows users have log onto the site weekly to do 'checkups' but mac users don't & i'm a lazy bugger). the way apple brands everything is sickening: iThis & iThat... it's as bad as McDookie's McShit burgers... you're not just buying a piece of machinery, yer gettin' a whole new lifestyle. [to play the devil's advocate, the only reason why microsoft isn't doing the exact same thing is because it's already got like 90% of computer users buying its stuff. although that hasn't stopped coke from spending shitloads of money to advertise to the 2 people on earth that doesn't know what coke is. idiots].

-mardi gras lows


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