Friday, September 09, 2005


-- fauna: today a really huge black moth flew out of my closet when i opened it. the number of flies is also growing; i think they like it here for some reason. at school there's all these dead mosquitos the size of small dragonflies lying around the edges & corners of the walls. i almost stepped on one. so far, i've seen more ravens than pigeons around: do things/people die a lot out here? there's far too many homeless people here for a town ( i'm absolutely refusing to think of this place as a city) this size...

--food: these days i'm living almost exclusively on french fries & salads (randomly chopped up raw veggies, more like) -- the only palatable food the caf serves. nothing & no-one has been able to turn me vegetarian so far but i just might convert if the "meat" they overcook continues to be so fucking bad: last night i tried to order a medium-rare burger but the so-called cook told me that they buy their burgers pre-cooked & that they just warm them back up on the grill...which dries the damn things out even more. i've taken to ordering a bagged lunch every day -- basically the same food but with even fewer choices -- so that i can at least eat outside or wherever else i want.

--environs: i'm now mixing chartreuse into my drinking water at a 1:5 ratio of liquor-to-tap water. being perpetually slightly numb senses-wise is helping me cope: prior to being here, i've never, ever even thought about my being asian: i was just a Canadian & that was enough to satisfy my sense of self & everybody who in halifax, where at least 80% of the populace is some kind of pale, i keep catching myself thinking "if i'm canadian, are those people more 'canadian' than me 'cause they look alike?" real fucked up, no?

--to top it all off i just paid a hundred bucks for a single textbook. it shouldn't be that expensive even if the pages were made from the wood of endangered trees. i don't even have enough money to buy paper towels & resort to taking wads of it from the bathrooms (which are much better appointed than the dorm rooms, by the way).


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