Friday, October 07, 2005

everyone's an asshole but me, or, stigmatization... continued

this is the poster i was too drunk to mention yesterday. these things are taking up space in more than a few bus shelters in halifax -- it's selling halifax to people that are already here. it sums up every single fucking thing i hate about halifax -- & it's 1 of 3 such posters. (you can marvel at their stupendously shallow shittiness here.)

i mean, everyone loves a good piece of propaganda featuring faceless, clean-cut, youthful-but-not-dangerously-so consumer-bots marching in formation (why, they even put the Token Black Guy up front. how hip of them.), but didn't "Freedom and Liberty" mean more once upon a time? ...people died in wars so that "we" can window shop? how fucked up is that?

i tried to find a picture of the "BLIND PERSON" signs but had no luck (i so need a digital camera) but apparently the halifax regional municipality pays for the signs. there is also one that says "DEAF CHILD", which i haven't seen personally but was mentioned in some council meeting or other.

imagine growing up with that nailed in front of your house.

i've already been here for an entire month & i didn't see my first drag queen [that really ought to be an official measure of urban-ness, The First Transvestite] until today. she wasn't trying very hard & you could tell that she needed a shave quite badly, but i'll take what i can get...

-- everybody else on the bus was either making fun of her or just Staring. i'm glad she didn't get on. what's so amazing is that this is coming from the same people who wave hello to the godsdamned bus driver sitcom-style. i'm not exaggerating: people here really do stop & smile & wave at the bus drivers. not everybody does it, but enough people do to disturb me. i suppose i could have tried to shout down the whole bus (& part of me still wishes i had the guts to), but all i did was sigh & turn up my cd player (jayne county's deviation...feel the irony...).

music. i never leave 'home' without it. it may save your life: it gives me something else to think about other than sodomizing you violently with a picturesque mailbox-on-a-post for confirming my opinion of you being a dumbfuckredneckidiot; haven't y'all watched enough movies (& your gelatinous, cheap track suit-covered asses say you have) to know that this is the ideal time to trot out the sexy & cultured rebel-with-a-heart-of-gold/lipstick lesbian for me to fall madly in love with, thereby converting me to the joys of small-town life?


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