Friday, October 21, 2005

grains of aggravation

-- gerard way of my chemical romance: you know you've got it made when even overweight alternachix in halifax start dressing like you. not to mention the hordes of scrawny emo guys with dyed-black hair trying to win their girlfriends back.

-- warm beer: my residence has turned on the central heating (it's still t-shirt weather, fuckers!) which means all the beers i had sitting on the radiator in front of the window to get as close to cold as possible in my fridge-less room is now warmer than fresh piss on a winter's day. the gods are telling me to stick to red wine & hard liquor.

-- academia: the final exam for my correspondence course finally came in & i bullshitted my way through it today... i'm almost certain i failed; if i did & don't get to retry it (this time i'm gonna actually try to study instead of sitting all sad-drunk on my windowsill, contemplating defenestration), then it's either another shitty correspondence course & more 100-page "booklets" that i'll inevitably leave until the last minute, or a seventh year of highschool. i'm a loser, i really am. did i mention that i'm fucking up my current university courses too?

-- cafeteria food: it couldn't get any worse so i had a plate of cherry jello with tartar sauce & runny gravy for dinner "tonight." (yes, they serve dinner from 4-ish to almost-seven... that's like lunchtime for me; i go to bed hungry every morning: feel my fuckin' pain.)

-- fun 'n' games: still the same old complaint. it's a friday night & i'm barricaded in my room typing away like some kind of nerd. there's nothing to do & noone i want to do... getting me to want to get my cherry popped would definitely be something that'd need easing into (pun kinda intended). mainly because it'd have to be done while all parties involved are stone cold sober; i insist. this is the only way i can weed out the idiots (so far, they're ALL idiots) because despite all my free-internet-porn-viewing-in-the-name-of-science, the mechanics of the sex act still look really, really, stupid -- which i imagine can only be exacerbated by a partner who's literally a dumbfuck...


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