Wednesday, October 26, 2005

i am a music snob.

fucking around with iTunes' "shared music" function [for those who don't use iTunes, this displays the playlists of everybody on the network who haven't turned the "share my music" option off] right now so that's why i'm listening to rufus wainwright's 'cigarettes & chocolate milk'... one of the better songs on the playlists of those anonymous people whose tastes i now get to speculate about & insult.

i can't help but make up little bios for people like the lady with nothing but ani difranco songs, the guy with the mahler piece mixed in with his mainsteam 'gangsta' hiphop, & the person-of-ambiguous-gender who seems to carry a torch for dead musicians (nothing but songs from people like elliott smith & jimi hendrix where the only commonality they share is that they are all quite dead.).

an anthropological-cum-sociological note: christian music (creed, sixpence none the wiser) & country music of the 'trucks & cowboys' variety shows up in nearly every single playlist; songs where the singer's voice can be described as "ethereal" are also extremely popular...who the hell beat them with the Picturesque Stick?

it's probably fair that i put up a playlist of my own for the plebes to laugh at.


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