Saturday, October 08, 2005

i still don't get it.

got rice, bitch?

-- i've failed math. twice.
-- i can barely use chopsticks. a fork makes a better weapon anyway.
-- me no like flied lice.
-- i can't kung-fu worth shit.
-- i have no cheekbones.
-- my eyes aren't "almond shaped."
-- as a matter of fact, i look sorta like a younger, punky female version of ron sexsmith.
-- i'm short but by no means delicate.
-- i have something of a problem with authority.
-- ditto conformity.
-- i don't cook. i stick leftovers between 2 slices of bread & call it a sandwich.
-- wash your own damn underpants; that's what washing machines are for.
-- i don't know any exotic oriental sexual maneuvers. go bukkake your mama.
-- i've never even been outside of north america.
-- i'd rather eat live maggots than wear a schoolgirl kilt for any reason.
-- i can never become a doctor/lawyer/suburbanite.
-- instead, i shall live off my Art & various crappy odd jobs to support the making of said Art.
-- i shit, piss & fart like every other human being.
-- i don't want you to be my daddy so leave me the hell alone.


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