Wednesday, October 19, 2005

nothing like an emergency to show you what your priorities are

apparently self-preservation isn't very high on my list of Things That Are Important: i spent the past half-hour shivering out in the october rain because there was smoke coming in under my door & the alarm/strobelight warning-thingie was going off like crazy but i didn't notice because i was plugged into my cd player, seeking solace from my meagre collection of music. i didn't notice until the smoke was in my eyes... & then i grabbed my bag, stuffed some cds in, & my notebook & plane tickets (in that order) & then left my room without getting anything more sensible -- like an umbrella or a friggin' sweater -- or more valuable -- like the laptop i'm typing this on, worth at least twice as much as everything else i have with me in halifax. am i really that in love with new york? (it must be something they put in the water; i was only there for a single week, after all.) now every single item in my room is covered in some sort of mysterious Powder...perhaps a magical fire-extinguishing powder?? even the keyboard & now my fingertips are coated in the stuff.... i was cleaning it off but then i decided to tell y'all about it while finishing off my half-bottle of gin & my quarter bottle of chartreuse all in one go. i've taken to drinking a bottle of chartreuse a week, by the way; the liquor store guy doesn't ask me for id anymore because he knows me by sight. [the only asian punk in the all of halifax.what an honour...] if the alarm goes off again tonight, chances are i won't notice. lucky thing i've been sleeping with my boots on these past few days, otherwise i'd be like the other poor bastards who had to stand outside in their pyjamas & slippers. i don't even own a pair of slippers...hah.

oh yeah, there wasn't a proper fire...i'm safe.


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