Wednesday, October 26, 2005

this is not 'the breakfast club,' you asswad.

one of the guys working at the caf tried to pick me up...why the bloody buttfucking hell is this happening to me now? i don't need this. i don't have low self-esteem issues -- in fact, i've got a hell of an ego: it's kinda mandatory if you plan to devote your life to The Arts -- but i know i don't match up to mainstream society's ideal of sexiness: wrong height, wrong weight, wrong thoughts, wrong outfits. i mean, i might be "cute" if the light is right or if you've had more than a few, but aren't my "fuck off & die" vibes getting through to your country music-deadened brain?

again it comes back to my theory that all you really want to do is brag to your buddies about all the slant-eyed pussy you're getting...dude, you wear flannel for fuck's sake!


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