Saturday, November 26, 2005

because vulgarity is chic

i'm currently quaffing dubonnet & listening to 'piece montee des grands jours' by thomas fersen. to counter the suavity factor, i'm drinking the dubonnet straight from the bottle -- it just wouldn't do to become suddenly irresistable to the ladies as alone as i am in my locked & filthy room: babes can sniff out sophistication from a mile away.

in case you were wondering, yes, i am the elaborately constructed persona of a fifty-year old billionaire who jerks off to your comments; i don't get to jerk off very often. while we're at it, "i'm" a large-breasted blonde schoolgirl who loves pillow fights & getting tickled so why dont'cha im me so we can cyber?

oh yeah, i almost forgot: LOL!!!!111!!oneone! ;)


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