Saturday, November 05, 2005

big may be beautiful, but 'gargantuan?'

today i saw a woman literally roll off her seat & onto the floor when the bus turned a corner...the guy sitting in the 2 seats in front of me would undulate every time there was a bump in the road.

while upholstered in nasty-ass multicoloured fabric, the bus seats here are the same standardized size as those elsewhere; to avoid getting smothered by some stranger's fleshrolls, i usually sit with my legs up on the seat next to mine & rely on my natural Spookiness to keep people away. (it works about 70% of the time. of the 30% where it fails & i get asked to move over, i just give them my seat too because, quite frankly, they need it.)

i'm not skinny myself, but dont'cha think you ought to maybe lay off the quarter pounders when your upper arms are the size of my thighs & you look like a balding marshmallow in a brown leather jacket & khakis?

brown leather queer eye is half blind, but even i know that's wrong.

completely unrelated news: the new stickers are actually being written in, & while nothing particularly Profound or Witty is evident -- the sticker with a picture of a banana had the caption of "i am a banana!" -- at least people are doing something.


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