Monday, November 07, 2005

double standards

today is one of those days where it's too cold to wear a t-shirt & too warm for a come when a man is all sweaty & smelly, he's "virile" & "sexy" et cetera, whereas if a girl smells like anything that doesn't come from a tube or bottle, she's "gross" & "letting herself go?" i like stinky there something wrong with me or society? i've kept away from 'normal people' for as long as i remember & as such never really got socialized/brainwashed into the status quo. that's the reason i post such things as i do; to me, the world is one big study.

me jane goodall, y'all chimps.

while i may come across as all quaint & lovably eccentric on here, i seriously don't think most people can cope with my disassociative observations, impulsive stupidity & hair-trigger depression in real life.

(i do not know how to 'chat' or 'gossip.' ask me if you look fat in those pants & not only will i give you a soul-shredding assessment of your appearance, i'll segue off into a muttered monologue on The Marketing of Unrealistic Standards to Naive Fuckheads that ends in an offer to obliterate our collective sorrows at the nearest pub.)

i've also previously mentioned that i couldn't fake a smile even if my life depended on it -- not a good thing if one wants to make it at all.

here's a little activity to depress you: for today, or however long you wish, make one tally of all the people who you see 'smile' & one of how many of those smiles are the genuine, almost involuntary, ones. (the key is to look at the eyes & not the lips: during a fake smile, the expression on the top half of the face doesn't change.) naturally, some people are better at this than others but it still shows, you just have to watch them when they're interacting with other people...that smile turns on & off like a switch...can you notice yourself doing it, too? try not to fake-smile for a day & watch as your friends, family, co-workers & complete strangers ask you if something is the matter, are you feeling well, are you ok.

hah. me with my arrogance & french liquors...with any luck, i'll end up dead in the gutter in some far-off, exotic locale.


At 10:50 a.m., November 07, 2005, Blogger Long_Division said...

If you smile at people in New York, you'll get your ass kicked. Living in the south, involuntary smiling when another person approaches is genetic. The first week I was here I smiled at a lady on the 9 train. She said "What?" and moved to a different seat.


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