Saturday, November 12, 2005

an obligatory post about clothes-shopping:

buying a new pair of pants is something i can no longer put off: one can hide badly-mended rips at the crotch for only so long before people start wondering why the trenchcoat never comes off. & while making a point of never owning more than 3 pairs of pants concurrently is very anti-establishment & therefore admirable, i have to admit that my raggedy pair of $10 jeans need replacing.

i've always found it much easier to find tops that liked -- if it's fairly uncommon & comes in black, i'll take it -- i just buy guy's t-shirts & layer them with a sweater or two in the winter. for pants i still tend to go for menswear (no flattering of ass & gams for me) but it's nearly impossible to find a pair that doesn't look familiar, like you've seen it on a million other slouchy asses.

if anything, one has got to keep one's buttocks differentiated from the masses'.


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