Friday, November 25, 2005

please let these be isolated incidents

1. remember the 'ugg' phenomenon of yesteryear? today i saw a rotund, miniskirted woman in sheepskin sandals -- sheepskin sandals with fuzzy pom-poms.
2. another halifax archaism: "tit for tat."
3. uniforms seem to be a optional thing for the bus drivers here, so there's this one guy who wears his wraparound sunglasses & very fringe-y black-and-white leather jacket while driving...come to think of it, that's kinda cool; would that all bus drivers were that interesting, i'd probably be able to stand spending at least 1 more semester in halifax. but yeah, "je ne regrette rien" & all that.

i mean, you've got only one life to live so you better screw it up in the most melodramatic manner possible & slitting your wrists is, like, so passe... running away to make it big in The City, on the other hand, is frikkin' timeless.


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