Tuesday, November 08, 2005

rootin' tootin' self-mutilatin' fun.

performance art is fuckin' awesome. i've just barely woken up from passing out on the floor...but i didn't get here on my own...no, i had help from persons unknown who dragged me back from class where i did a piece that essentially was me standing in the middle of the room, chugging half a bottle of chartreuse, offering the rest to my classmates (2 people wanted a taste), assembling an x-acto knife, dipping it in locally purchased ink, & slicing away at my arm in order to "get halifax under my skin" in the most literal way possible. i'd been drinking tequila since morning to make sure i bled more easily & then there was a gallery opening with free beer, so i was already pretty far gone even before i did my piece. i don't remember much except quietly sliding down the wall after i did my thing, having lots of blurry people ask me if i was ok, someone mentioning an ambulance, me puking (not a lot: i made sure i didn't eat much) & saying 'fuck' much more than usual.

so yeah, i'm expressing my amazement that the absurdly kind people of halifax made sure i got back ok despite my being adamant about being left on the sidewalk (i may or may not have been screaming) & to mention how i woke up with almost all my belongings where i left them: someone apparently went through my bag & took my knife, the roll of paper towels i stole from a washroom, & the remaining chartreuse; my empty tequila bottle is gone too. i'd hate to become a local legend only to have been placed on suicide watch.

my arm hurts but i'm actually happier than i've been for months.


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