Saturday, December 10, 2005

more dramas & traumas

i just saw my mom off to the airport.

she showed up in my room yesterday afternoon with a whole shitload of luggage to drag me back to toronto (she even presumed enough to buy a plane ticket for me) & of course i Freaked Out Completely, ran out & spent most of yesterday hiding from her & walking around the streets of halifax in the first major snowstorm of the year doing my best Tragic Heroine impression. i managed to collect myself enough to talk/scream at her some time after midnight & left her to sleep alone in my empty room. this morning, we talked it out a bit more rationally & i demonstrated enough & repeatedly that i had everything i needed to go Find Myself in new york & that no matter what happened, i would have no-one to blame but myself. then we went for lunch & actually managed to kinda "chat" like a normal, dysfunctional family (ie: with angry phonecalls from my dad only every 3 minutes) before getting her the hell out of my life for hopefully what will be a very, very, long time.


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