Thursday, December 01, 2005

song of the body eccentric

i don't like my wrists or my ankles.

they seem to me to be absurdly delicate & fragile...the rest of my body is more solid, earthly, like it's actually good for something more purposeful than fluttering about & swooning.

i wear leather bondage cuffs to hide my wrists & heavy boots to cover my ankles. both for protection & for grounding, to act as an anchor in case my mind decides to go away & not come back.

the rest of my body is not something i normally think about very much: it's just there & that's enough for me. i suppose i don't take as good care of it as i should; i brush my teeth every day, shower when i remember to, & moisturize when my skin starts to peel. makeup is something i'm too lazy to bother with & my hair i hack off whenever it gets past two inches long & i'm drunk enough to forget that i'm trying to grow it out.

i'm a bit overweight but i don't give a damn. i'll start to worry when i can't touch my toes or climb fences anymore.

attracting a mate/fuck buddy isn't something i even want to think about until i figure out what i'm doing with my life. i'm starting to suspect that i'm not 'questioning' or 'bisexual' after all, just monastically asexual.

i wish my breasts were smaller. that way i'd never have to bother with buying bras again. i buy in bulk the cheap kind that comes in boxes but i still have to venture into the lingerie department to grab them & no matter how quick i do it, i still get weirded out by the displays of ass-flossing thongs & expensively lacy whatsits.

all my parts are still factory original girl-bits, but is it my fault that i have no desire to walk about with a self-imposed wedgie or flash my tits for anyone who might buy me a drink?

i'm not being a tease when i tell you up front that i won't have sex with you no matter how many drinks you buy me.

(it's not a challenge either.)

is it outside the realms of possibility that a single female sitting alone at the bar is actually, surprisingly, there to drink?

go pick on/pick up some bubbly, cosmo-swiller & leave me to my double gin & tonics.


At 11:25 p.m., December 02, 2005, Blogger Dana said...

Nice post.

I love ass-flossing thongs and expensively lacy whatsits.


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