Wednesday, January 18, 2006


that's right, dear readers (those few of you who are still sticking around for my infrequently updated, soul-searching bullshit) , i'm in warm & rainy vancouver right now & have been for the last several days; i've got tentative lodgings & will be looking for a job as well as applying to emily carr's foundation program. the city itself, while not as manic & alive as new york, is city-like enough that i plan to stay at least short term before eventually moving back east.

i'm adjusting to life on the west coast better than i expected (i've done e & smoked weed, but won't be going fullblown holistic any time soon),there's still plenty of material for me to bitch about if the need arises:

-- the streetart/graffitti scene in vancouver is dismal: unless they're in 'low traffic' areas, posters, stickers, & tags get removed almost as soon as they go up so i don't know what (if any) reaction i'm gonna get when my first batch of stickers go up. (i'll put up the new york photos next post, really)

-- how the grass is green in the middle of january & how half the 20-something white guys here look like jesus freaks the shit out of me every time i head outside.

-- the incessant rain; it fuckin' rains more here than it did in halifax.

but then there are the $1 slices of pizza & 25 cent peepshows...


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