Monday, February 13, 2006


typing this at the airport in calgary at the ups store for 25 cents a minute... i spent the night here & got only a minor nosebleed this time around. some random airport-guy just bought me a cup of coffee & a of the few benefits of looking like an impeccably-dressed and sketchily-groomed street urchin, i guess (the downside? many, many propositions from pervy, trenchcoated bastards for $20 backalley fucks.) calgary, quite frankly, sucks balls: yeah, it's bigger than halifax & the chartreuse is a dollar cheaper, but there's absolutely fuck-all to do -- it's essentially a gigantic mass of suburban sprawl pretending to be a city. the "downtown" is all but deserted because everybody is at the megamalls. most places are closed on sundays too.

my weekend wasn't completely terrible though: i got to hang out with my country boy some more (polyamory's definitely the way to go, people), introduced him to the fabulosity that is brokeback mountain, chartreuse, & indian cuisine (all went over better than the sushi) & i managed to sneak some of my stickers into the art gallery of calgary's graffitti exhibition (there's not much in the way of security or people so i just basically stuck a bunch of my stickers to the underside of the stairs...hopefully they'll stay there until the end of the exhibit).

so i'll be back home in a couple of hours with half a bottle of chartreuse, some clothes, several increasingly-heavy pounds of chainmail, & other objets d'art. (why the fuck did i choose to work in metal? i get into enough trouble with airport security as it is.)

my airport-waiting novel that i finished reading sometime around 4 in the morning & left in an elevator for the next person: time of desecration by alberto moravia.


At 4:57 p.m., February 14, 2006, Blogger Long_Division said...

Why don't you just come and stay with me in New York?? I'm married and straight, I have room and I like safety pins.


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