Monday, February 20, 2006

senility, here i come

i can't quite believe that i've been in vancouver for a month already: my life-scarring stay in halifax was only 4 months long, after all.

a month here & no seriously angsty posts. i should be ashamed.

there's a picturesque view of the mountains from the bedroom window but even that is failing to piss me off; nature is much more appealing when one has someone to go on middle-of-the-night walks on the beach with. that plus the fact that there's sex shops, liquor stores, & tattoo parlors within minutes' walk of my place which means civilisation is never far away.

...i have paint stains on my pants that look like cum-stains but i don't care bcuz im happy lol
*drools lobotomizedly*

incidentally, the first time i did ecstasy was the night i arrived in vancouver -- coincidence? i think not.


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