Friday, March 10, 2006

bizarre love triangles

having already sqandered the majority of this week on a blur of sex, weed, & bagels, your humble antiheroine has decided to try to get what productivity she can out of the next couple of days: make some art, try finding a job & all that -- which probably means no blogging. to give those of you out there who like to live vicariously through me your fix, here's a '3 most recent' list-thingie to keep y'all entertained...

1.'breath from another' - esthero
2.'when i said i wanted to be your dog' - jens lekman
3.'home is where the hate is' - the fight

found objects:
1.damp $20 dollar bill
2.cardboard box
3.mostly-edible orange

1.'excess: fashion & the underground in the '80s' - maria luisa frisa & stefano tonchi
2.'the iron dragon's daughter' - michael swanwick
3.'the portable scatalog: excerpts from "scatalogic rites of all nations" by john g. bourke (1891)' - louis p. kaplan

dubious food purchases:
1.musk flavoured 'life savers' candy foie gras with truffles-in-a-can
3.spam lite

petty annoyances:
1.gangs of overlipsticked old women who look at one with an "i wanna fuck you, you dashing young woman, you" kind of look
2.mosquito bites on my neck

favourite expletives:
3.desiccated asshole


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