Thursday, March 30, 2006

paris in the springtime: full of mimes.

'think locally, fuck globally' - gogol bordello
'havana affair' - ramones
'hungry heart' - bruce springsteen

a house across the street is being demolished-or-something so there's been been guys smashing in windows with hammers & tossing scrapmetal into dumpsters all morning long. normally, i'd be cheered up somewhat by the sounds of Destruction & Traffic outside my bedroom window but today the sky outside is too white & i have a headache.
not a hangover, a headache.

i need to do some more drinking: april's rent is due tomorrow.

i lost the x-acto knife i normally keep in my bag a while back & haven't bothered to replace it. here's a dumb (albeit most likely original) joke for y'all:

why didn't the emo kid kill herself?
she lost her knife instead.

this post written under the influence of:
1 shot of chartreuse
leftover beer
3 hours of sleep

words of the day:

i feel dubious right fuckin' now but obviously not bad enough to forget my apostrophes.


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