Saturday, April 01, 2006

fun with colons:

possible vancouver archaism:
'breakfast' spelt ultra-oldschool as "break fast" on a restaurant sign.

typo of the day:
(there are 45, 500 hits for it on google)

the stupidest use of 'xtreme' spelling yet:

i imagine that somewhere out there in mtv/msn-ebonics-land this exchange is taking place right now:

suburbanwhtboynigga_69: yo wazzup dawg you tap dat hoes ass lik u said u wuz gonna?
no1knowsimwearingmyfatbrotherz2ndhandclothes: no dont want teh biznatch's hemorrhoidz be actin up again ;)
suburbanwhtboynigga_69: word.


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