Monday, July 03, 2006

incorrect thoughts

long-weekend monday alone at home, listening to records, thinking but not drinking... it turns out that the "new woman" from 3 posts back isn't really jack's lover, she's staying with him/us due to real-life drama in her personal life. i guess i should have figured it out sooner but i was too busy repressing my territorial instincts because she's good-enough-for-him-dammit.

a couple of days ago me & her had a chat that cleared things up: she's been being extra nice to me not because she was feeling guilty about fucking my guy, but because she knew she was keeping me from fucking my guy & i just realized that i've never actually seen him act in a sexual/romantic way towards her...god, i'm such a paranoid idiot.

at least i didn't try to fight her. i'd have probably lost.

& the sleeping almost-naked thing? i could explain it off as another symptom of my east-coast liberal artfag upbringing, but isn't it more tantalizing to leave the possibility of imminent hot lesbo action out there?


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