Wednesday, July 19, 2006

strange attraction

another 4-day weekend, another bunch of hijinks...

spent several hours rock climbing topless, holding a black parasol for shade; it was at the nude beach so i was only *slightly* out of place. i ended up with a new collection of bruises & scrapes but it was worth it to see more than a few out-of-shape naked guys hauling their asses & dangly bits up those pointy rocks just to offer me cigarettes. i took pity on one particularly fat guy & just yelled down to him that i wasn't for sale. aren't i nice?

had my first bad trip - 'shrooms (well, mushrooms, ecstasy, ketamine, beer, & not enough sleep or food). me & jack ended up spending a Very Fuckin' Scary night in each other's arms, gibbering & deranged, trying to not kill ourselves or go insane. needless to say, we're gonna be sticking to just booze & pot for the forseeable future & he won't be dealing anymore.

(yes, kiddies, drugs are bad for you.)

i'm gonna be moving again, at the end of this month or the start of the next, this time to nelson because jack wants to be able to spend more time with his daughter.

since losing my virginity last december i've had sex with & 'relationships' of varying degrees of intimacy, ranging from "random party hookup" to "friend with benefits," with 9 different guys, aged between 18 & 34...

[i can hear you yelling "Slut!" & you're not too far off the mark, especially since i fucked all but the last 2 before may -- 7 men in 4 months. you do the math.]

...& of course i end up falling for the thrice-married, eyeliner-wearing 33 year old with a daughter who's 11.

but 'scandalous' is my middle name & at the very least it'll make this blog even more interesting. what i'm worried about the most is that nelson is so frikkin' small (the town's website brags about its "over 40 restaurants & cafes") -- roughly the size of halifax.

i'm allowed to be optimistic now, though, seeing as i'm officially No Longer Goth. i'll take whatever comes my way & run with it like i always do; maybe i'll be documenting my utter heartbreak & angst redux here pretty soon, or maybe i'll pull off a 'happily ever after' & cheat y'all out of a good story.

no matter what, i can't see myself staying in one place for long [i'm thinking new orleans sometime this winter & i'm overdue for another dose of new york city...] but with one person? yeah, it's about time i gave monogamy a go.


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