Thursday, September 14, 2006

let's do the time warp agaiin...

two years & 361 posts later & this blog has documented enough strange shit to cause some to doubt my existence as a non-fictional character...leaving home, a travel-cured flirtation with suicidal alcoholism, my introduction to an alphabet of chemicals & sex acts, 'finding myself' through random art & sluttiness, & now doing the whole Responsible-ish Adult thing in a nowhere town with the man i intend to spend at least the next big chunk of my life with...

well, on with the soap opera then, eh?

- we both got kicked out of our previous squat by the psychotic landlady & as a result, we've set up camp (literally, like with tarps & a tent) at the official town campgrounds for $20 a day, including electricity; it's pretty sweet but we're still having trouble renting a place with actual frikkin' walls.

- got shafted from my dishwashing gig because the boss' son's girlfriend wanted her old job back. happy happy joy joy. hooray for small town politics.

- finally got around to exploring castlegar, an even smaller redneck town about an hour's bus ride from nelson, yesterday. its only redeeming quality was that the liquor store there had i blew 36 bucks on a bottle -- please let it last a while.

- three more days & i'm old enough to legally drink in the states!


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